Trials and Tribulations

Now dear Reader, we begin our study of a work by Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah, entitled Trials and Tribulations, published by Dar as-Sunnah Publishers.

A believer may face many trials and tribulations that test their faith, patience and endurance. In a world full of conflict and war, with many also suffering from personal and family problems, Shaytan causes a person to question many things. If a Muslim is tried with a difficulty, then the reasons for this are many – including one’s own sin, which arise from leaving something obligated in Islam or committing an act that is prohibited. Trials are also a means of purifying and aiding His servants, ennobling them and granting well-being through His Wisdom. The most severely of those who were tried were the Prophets and then those closest to them in following their guidance.

The state of hardship causes the servant to turn to Allah, Mighty and Magnificent. Often the state of ease, well-being and blessings cause a person to turn away from Allah. In tribulations, trials, misfortunes and calamities lay numerous wisdoms and benefits, having differing degrees of relevance, in accordance to the various ranks of people. Some believers are afflicted with tribulation to such as extent that they end up walking on the earth with no trace of sin remaining on them.

This work deals with many aspects of trials and tribulations, including realising the greatness of Allah, showing humility and patience, increasing sincerity and servitude to Allah, returning to supplication, hoping for expiation of sin and many other benefits.

I pray that the reading of this book will boost our faith and aid us in developing an understanding of how to better accustom ourselves to the trials and tribulations of this life, ameen.