Allah’s Safeguarding Against Animals

One of the amazing ways that Allah safeguards those who safeguard Him is that He makes animals that are normally dangerous guard a person against harm and help him. This is what happened to Safinah, the freed-slave of the Prophet, may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him, when his boat sank and he drifted to an island. There, he saw a lion and said, ‘O Abul-Harith, I am Safinah, the freed-slave of the Messenger of Allah.’ So the lion walked within and guided him along the way. Then it purred as if bidding him farewell and left. (Tabarani)

Abu Ibrahim al-Sa’ih fell ill at palace close to a monastery and said, ‘If only I were at the door of the monastery, the monks would have come and treated me.’ So a lion came and carried him on its back and dropped him by the door of the monastery; the monks, four hundred of them, saw him and accepted Islam.’ (Dhahabi)

Once, Ibrahim ibn Adam slept in a garden. By him was a serpent in whose mouth was a circle of daffodils and it remained on guard for him until he awoke.

So whoever safeguards Allah, Allah will safeguard him from predatory animals and, moreover, have those animals protect him. Whoever neglects Allah, Allah will neglect him to such an extent that he will be harmed by things which he expected to benefit from. He may even find the closest members of his family and the most beloved harming him!

One of them said, ‘If I disobey Allah, I see the effects in the mannerisms of my servant and donkey.’ He meant that his servant became unruly and disobedient and his donkey refused to carry him.

All good is found in obeying Allah and turning towards Him. All evil is to be found is disobeying Him and turning away from Him.

One of the Gnostics said, ‘Whoever leaves the door of his master will never be able to plant his feet firmly on the ground.’

One of them composed the following couplets,

By Allah, never have I come to visit you

Except that the earth compacted before me.

I have never resolved to leave your door

Except that I tripped over my garment’s tail.

For Allah’s sake! Pardon, overlook and mend

My faults, for my state with you is as you see.

The best and most noble form of preservation: Allah’s safeguarding His servant in his religion.

The Legacy of the Prophet Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali p39-40