Turning to Allah, the Most High

O you whom destiny has chosen, know your status, for He [Allah] Created the Universe for your sake. Turns towards your Lord, for He is approaching you. Seek Him through the guidepost of “My Lord encompasses all things in knowledge” (al-Anam 6:80) As one poet said: ‘He lives and occupies the heart, I never forgot Him so I remember Him, He is beyond my eyes and hearing abilities, but the eyes of my heart sees Him’. The vow of “Am I not your Lord? They said, Yes we have testified [that You are our Lord]” (al-Araf 7:172) is established between you and your Lord and its tree is watered with “Is there any supplicant so that I may answer his prayer.” (Recorded in Muslim 758) He deposited your affirmation in the black stone and commanded you to perform pilgrimage to remind you of your vow so that you do not break it.

The black stone [in the Kabah] is indeed a chest containing undisclosed vows, and only perform what is assigned for (i.e. recording what vowers deposit within it, protecting and concealing their vows). Thus, reach forward to touch the black stone with your hand and affirm that your oath was not taken under duress against your will; because if you have forgotten Him, surely he did not forget about you.

O you who tainted the vow of “Yes we have testified [that You are our Lord]” (al-Araf 7:172) with what is not part of it, purify yourself from the stains of mistakes, for he whose purity is debased is required to purify himself; for He created you pure and engulfed you with some of His light; thereafter the branches of your affirmation to Him sprang up, while the pigeons of acquaintance [with your Lord] became quiet, and the fruit of your allegiance [to Him] bloomed on these branches. However, when such purity is dirtied by sins, the demesne of your relation [with your Lord] will suffer drought, causing the branches of love to bend down, and the green field of kind treatment [that you used to receive from your Lord] to dry out, and an envoy [from Allah] of gatherers will rove in the garden of strong resolve [to pluck it of its fruits] “And it became as though reaped” (al-Qalam 68:20). So lower now your shamed head in humiliation [i.e. disconnected from Allah] and send the messenger of regret to deliver your grieving in the hope that your heart may weep over the impoverished emptiness and the desolate state of your existence. [Show humility] so that water runs into the inner seed of your soul, in order to revive the branches during the spring of remedy [that you have been given a second opportunity] because the flora of repentance shall not be irrigated until you water it with the tears of your eyes.

O you, the sins you commit shall never effect your Lord; He only wants to keep you from [your own] harm. You should know that your obedience to Him shall never fetch Him any benefit; your obedience is for your own benefit; so contemplate on your situation.

O people, Allah’s protectiveness and possessiveness of you is the reason for which He forbids you from filthy acts. How many times has He invited you [to His right path] but nonetheless you insisted on staying away from Him; therefore you neither managed to keep your vow, nor agree to be rectified.

Seeds of Admonishment and Reform by Imam ibn Jawzi Pages 88-90