The Marvellous Creation of Allah

Colourful are the jewels of existence that adorn the brides of creation, to delight the eye of the slaves of Allah; such owners! From the moment you are admitted into the kingdom of Allah you shall never stop admiring the adornments of His creation, so look for moment with the eyes of contemplation while lowering the gaze of your bodily eyes, and then answer me; is there any better universe than this? Leave out of your house of retreat, and walk across the passage of your contemplation and stop to contemplate at the wide open spaces; reflect on how the green grows in the presence of the Creator’s mysteries; growing plants all wearing the same garb of solidarity; dancing in the springtime in celebration of the season of irrigation they had. Contemplate the multitude of colours that exist in a single branch, how splendid is the handiwork of the Creator!

Pay attention to their signs, and notice how they all direct the heedless to the One Who created them, while people are busy with their self-desires. Listen to the sound of leaves while they are hanging on their sticks so may the rhyme of their movements bring back to the right path the one who is far from it.

I wonder how you reflect on others yet forget reflecting on yourself! You should use the eye of your intellect to reflect deeply on how a drop of seed is dipped in the blood of menses and is being crafted by the carpenter of fate shaping the faculties of hearing and seeing without even touching it, all the while it is embraced while wearing its garment and covering up with a robe of a clot to transform afterward into a lump of flesh. Then it changes to flesh and blood so afterward is covered with skin to protect it from the hands of harm until eventually coming out in the form of an infant who gradually grows up to become a child; then after some time he experiences the sphere of utterance and climbs out into the robe on intellect and reasoning. There are many calls that have been voiced out between the legs of transforming due to the shaking shackles of wisdom in the bangles of mind. Overtime it makes as found the tongues of guidance chant songs of meanings but how would a reckless deaf hear all that? Far from happening it is, for person who suffers the flu cannot enjoy the smell of roses similar to how a person in prison cannot enjoy the day of Id. So, if you were surprised of how have not so far!!

How could you not be thoughtful though you attained the instruments and reasoning! How could you blind your heart after seeing the truth?! Indeed, the most amazing acts of Allah’s Power is when “Allah has sent him astray due to knowledge.” (al-Jathiyah 45:23)

Seeds of Admonishment and Reform by Imam Ibn Jawzi Pages 132-133