Tears of Sinners

Exalted is he who sends the winds of exhortations, that stir up in the hearts – of those who are awake – clouds of sorrow with regards to their past doings, propelling them to the arid land of human nature accompanied by the thunder of forewarning and the lightening of fear, whereupon tears of sorrow rise upward from the deepest reservoirs of the heart to the peak of the head. Thereupon, the wells of the eye channel their water along the surface of the cheeks, so that when the green grass [of the heart emerges], it sways with pleasure on having received the answer to prayers.

When the clouds of fright roar and thunder, the heart of the sinner becomes agitated, and the layers of his shelled inner secrets open up just as how shells situated in the sea open up to receive the drops of rain, which pours within them drops of determination made of pearls. the spring of gratitude is sincere repentance. When a pure drop from the elixir of happiness is placed on the top of mountains of muddy sins, such a drop will cause mountains to crumble down as how the mountains went down when Allah, Exalted is He, was about to reveal Himself to it. Thereafter, the dust of these crumbled mountains is transformed into a kohl with which the eyes of hearts are treated.

Indeed, it may be that a sin be the cause of a person’s admission into Paradise. If a person redeems himself with sincerity, his soul – which in the past used to incite him to commit sin – will be transformed into a tranquil soul. When Ibrahim, peace be upon him, walked along the path of forbearance, his son – the sacrificial lamb – followed him, both of them submitting to the will of Allah, Allah cast passivity upon the knife, rendering it inactive. When a repenting person converses with his faculties of sensibility and contemplation, they remind him of his previous sins and make him regret at his mounting audacity. thereupon, the eyes that used to indulge in sin erupt with tears of regret, and the repenting tongue repeats the words: I shall never turn to sins ever after, and the functionary of bracing begins deploying hard workers to build up the edifice of his heart. There, O sinner, whenever you are troubled by a matter, let your tears atone your affairs.

O you who severed the connection of his Lord, return. O you who vowed to reject his Lord, repent. You were honoured when Iblis was ordered to prostrate to you, whereas Iblis was cast afar when he refused to do so. Yet I truly wonder at you! How could you, inspite of that, make reconciliation with the devil and boycott your Lord?! How ruined you are, for your status the Eyes of your Lord is greater than the status of the Night of Power [Lalat al-Qadr].

Seeds of Admonishment and Reform by Imam Ibn Jawzi Pages 106-108