Reviving the Hearts with Tears

O you whose eyes in this life are tearless, tomorrow on the Day of Judgement the sun will be brought close to your head upon which the mouths of your veins will open so that each hair in your body will cry on its own. The sky will look as if violently dusting off its sleeves because of the maelstrom of cataclysms, the stars shall be scattered apart, and then the horror of The Day arrives to rip apart the fabric of the universe.

The blowing of winds in this life might shake trees, but the blowing of the horn shall shake everything in existence; one blow shall bring forth death, while the next blow shall revive. Let this not surprise you; do you not see this scene reflected in the present life, when the blast of winter cold causes trees to become as if lifeless effigies of themselves followed by the puffs of spring that bring back the spirit of these dormant trees.

The winds of this life either rouse or fertilise; so is the blow of the horn on the Day of Judgment, which rouses the bodies and fertilises the spirits, so that they can come forth to read the book of their deeds. Al-Fudayl was dead in his heart due to his ignorance, Ibn Adham received admonishment by hearing a single reproachful reminder, upon which he left the city of Balakh and headed to the region of Sham. This is because the knot in their hearts was easy to undo because of which their hearts were easily released, whereas your heart is full of convoluted knots!

As the river of admonishment arrives at the gardens of hearts, it meets with the dew of a few of these gardens and their waters mingle together. When the pious used to review their good deeds, they would emphasise that not keeping the oath of disavowing wordily pleasures as tantamount to betrayal. This is why al-Fudayl used to cry constantly; to the extent that he used to weep even during his sleep, which used to wake up his family.

When hearts pierce through the siege of desires into the spacious tracts of contemplation, tears will run as if rapid steed in the wide arenas of longing; as if, “By those [winds] sent forth in gusts.” (al-Mursalat 77:1)

When the stem of the produce of reflection is straight, the wells of tears begin to water the harvest, the exhales of sighs begin to reap, the hand-mills of hope [in Allah] start grinding, and the flames of concern [fearing Allah] ignite, upon which the heart receives its provision of nourishment for the journey of love it is about to embark upon.

Respect the sanctity of promises, for the star of Suhayl does not show up at all times. You have taken life away from your hearts time and again because of your desires, so revive it today with the rainfall of tears. When you leave the assembly of exhortation, do not head back home. Rather rush to the masjid which have been long abandoned, place your foreheads down on the dust and seek the aid of your Lord using the tongues of need. Let the words come out of a heart tormented by regret for wasting a life in vain desires and indolence. Because when the sighing breaths of Yaqub, precipitate due to sorrow, they shall heed not but to the handsomeness of Yusuf, peace be upon them both.

Seeds of Admonishment and Desire by Imam Ibn Jawzi Pages 175-177