Qur’an Juz by Juz

As the blessed month of Ramadan approaches, many of us are preparing to renew our relationship with the Qur’an. Many Muslims strive to recite the whole of the Qur’an during the month of Ramadan, in order to obtain Allah’s blessings and rewards. But in order to gain the full benefit from the Qur’an as a Book of Guidance, which is indeed it’s true purpose, we need to take time to reflect over the wisdom contained therein.

In an effort to bring us closer to the glorious book of Allah during this blessed month, I will endeavour to provide a summary of the main themes of the juz of Qur’an that we recite that day. It would be impossible for me to cover all the meanings, so these will be but glimpses, to give you an idea of what is contained within these glorious words. I will use Tafsir Ibn Kathir as the primary source of  reference, inshaAllah.


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