Patience for the Sake of Allah

We should have patience for the sake of Allah, hoping for His reward and fearing His punishment. Patience for the sake of Allah has a higher degree than patience with the help of Allah. Patience with the help of Allah, is when a person realises that they themselves have no patience and no power to acquire it. This is because patience for the sake of Allah is related to us realising that He is the ilah (god, object of worship), which makes our patience a form of worship, whereas patience by His help is related to Him being the Rabb (Lord, Cherisher, Sustainer) and us seeking His assistance. Worship is the ultimate goal whereas seeking help is a means to an end.

Patience by His help is common to both the believers and unbelievers, good and bad, alike, whereas patience for His sake is the way of the Messengers, Prophets and true believers, may Allah have mercy on them all. Patience for His sake is in matters that please Allah, whereas patience by His help may relate to matters that please or displease Him.

Patience in obeying Allah’s commands and abstaining from what He has prohibited is greater than patience in accepting the decree of Allah, because the patience involved in obedience comes by choice, but patience involved in accepting His decree is forced upon a person. Patience in accepting Allah’s decree is when we realise that it is only Allah who controls all the affairs in the universe, so we must patiently accept His ruling and decree regardless of whether it means ease of hardship for us. And all power and strength comes from Allah alone.

Extracted from Patience and Gratitude by Ibn al-Qayyim Page 65

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