Man Cannot Do Without Patience

At any given moment, a person is in a situation where they have to obey the command of Allah, or have to stay away from something which Allah has prohibited, or show thanks for a blessing or accept something difficult which Allah has decreed. All of these situations demand patience. Up until the time of death, no-one can do without patience. Whatever happens in our lives is either in accordance with our wishes or desires, or against them, and in both cases patience is required.

If we are enjoying good health, security, power, wealth and fulfilment, we should not assume that this time of ease will last forever, lest our good fortune lead us to arrogance and carelessness in a way that is displeasing to Allah. We should not devote all our time money and energy to the pursuit of physical pleasure, because too much pleasure results in pain. We should also be careful to pay what is due to Allah in terms of zakah and sadaqah, not to spend our money in way that is haram (forbidden) or makruh (disliked), otherwise Allah may take away our blessing. All of this takes patience, and no-one can exercise patience in a time of ease except people of very strong faith (as-siddiqun).

Extracted from Patience and Gratitude by Ibn al-Qayyim Page 37

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