Those Who Carried the Book but did not Implement It

From these ayat is Allah’s statement,

“The likeness of those who are entrusted with the Torah (Law of Moses), yet apply it not, is the likeness of the donkey carrying books (but understands nothing from them). Wretched is the likeness of the people who deny the Revelations of Allah. And Allah guides not the wrongdoing people.” (Surah al-Jumm’ah:5)

Allah makes an analogy of the one who carries His Book and believes in it, ponders over it, works according to it and calls to it but instead he acted contrary to that and did not carry it except in his memory – meaning his recitation was without reflection or understanding or following its commands using its judgement in all affairs, nor did he act according to its requirements.

His example is that of a donkey that carries on its back provisions of a journey and is unaware of what is contained in it. Its share of it is only the burden of carrying it upon its back and nothing else; similarly the share of such a person from Allah’s Book is the share of this donkey of the books that are on its back. And this example, even though it was put forth regarding the Jews, in its meaning (it) includes the one who carries the Qur’an (in his memory) but leaves off acting upon it, neither fulfilling its right nor giving it the due right.

Paragons of the Qur’an by Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah Pages 58-59

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