Servitude in “You Alone We Worship”

After reciting the ayah, “You Alone we worship”, the slave of Allah anticipates the reponse from his Lord, which is: “This is between Me and My salve and My slave shall have what he requested.”

You ought to reflect upon the aspects of servitude to Allah that these words carry, as well as the responsibilities that come along with each one of them. And, you ought to recognise the difference between the word that has been used in respect to Allah and the word used in respect to His slave, and understand the reason and wisdom behind using them in such a manner. And, you ought to realise the difference between the dimension of Tawhid conveyed in “You Alone we worship”, and the dimension of Tawhid contained in “You Alone we ask for help”, and then understand the purpose of placing this ayah in the middle – between the preceding ayah that comprises a supplication made by the slave to Allah, and to understand the wisdom behind placing the part “You Alone we worship” before “You Alone we ask for help”, as well as the wisdom behind having the part “You Alone” precede the word “we worship” and the part “You Alone” precede the phrase “we ask for help”.

Inner Dimensions of the Prayer by Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyyah Pages 41-42