How To Be Happy

Now dear readers, we begin reading a new text, Useful Ways of Leading a Happy Life by Shaykh Abdur Rahman bin Nasr As S’adi.

There is no doubt that the bliss of the heart, its tranquility and happiness, and the absence of grief and worry is the goal of every individual. It is the means by which a happy, blissful and excellent life is achieved. There are means to achieve this; some of which are religious, some are natural and some are physical. These means are never gathered together except to the believers. The non-believers on the other hand, despite the fact that the earnest endeavours of their philosophers is to lead them to these means, even if they achieve them in certain aspects, they miss the way to them in several other aspects that are more beneficial, more permanent and better in yielding results. 

Shaykh Abdur-Rahman bin Nasir As-Sadi, rahimahullah, outlines in this treatise the ways and means to achieve this lofty goal that is the quest of every individual. Let us begin.