Those Who Support Other Than Allah

Loving him due to his knowledge, way of life and goodness or other qualities, makes the trial in this greater unless there is a strong belief, fear and complete faith in the Oneness of Allah. For indeed the trial of knowledge, status and appearances is a trial for all who are captivated. And despite that they seek from him their objectives – if he does not do it, otherwise the love decreases or a form of anger takes place. Perhaps it increases or leads to the disengagement from love for him – so he becomes one who causes anger after being one who was loved. So the friends of a person love for him to be subjected to and employed in their aims to the point that he is like a slave for them. And his enemies strive to hurt and harm him. And they seek their own advantage from him even if it is harmful to him and corruptive for his way of life; they do not give any thought to that. And few of them are thankful.

So in reality, the above two groups [friends for other than Allah and enemies] do not intend on benefitting him nor do they defend him from harm, rather they only seek their own objectives through him. For if the person is not a slave of Allah, one who relies completely on Him, a supporter for Him, and hostile for His sake, then the two groups will consume him and that will lead to his destruction in the wordily life and the Afterlife.

This is well-known as among the conditions of the children of Adam and what happens between them of battles, disputes, differences and trials.

Gardens of Purification by Ibn Taymiyyah Pages 84-85