The Straight Path

A people support Zayd and are hostile towards Amir, and others the reverse, on account of their objectives, therefore their objectives are reached with whom they support. And if they do not obtain what they seek from Zayd, they change to the side of Amr, and likewise with the companions of Amr. This is just like what the reality is between the different types of people.

Similarly is the ‘leader’ from two sides who inclines towards one side who support him. If their support is not for the sake of Allah, they are more harmful to him than the other side. For indeed the other side only intend on corrupting his wordily life whether by killing him, taking his wealth or removing him from his position and all of this is a wordily harm. It is trivial when the slave accepts it. It is the reverse of the situation for people concerned with the wordily life and their love for it and those who, as long as their wordily life is secure, they are not concerned if their religion is corrupted. Thus they are not worried by that. As for the religion of the slave which is between him and Allah, then they have no power over him in that.

Gardens of Purification by Ibn Taymiyyah Page 85