The Importance of Adhering to the Sunnah

The right course of asceticism, worship and piety is to abstain from the unlawful acts and desires and to be moderate in worship. It is to know that adherence to the Sunnah preserves its adherents from the evil of the self and Shaytan, without the need for embarking upon the paths of innovators. This is because those who follow the paths of innovation cannot escape falling into the holes of sins and cannot but be chained with its shackles, even if their error is due to following an interpretation, because it is inevitable for them to follow desires.  It is for this reason that innovators are called ‘the people of desires’. Indeed, the path of the Sunnah is paved with knowledge, justice and guidance, whereas the path of innovation is paved with ignorance, oppression, the pursuit of speculation and all that which the desirous self is apt to desire.

Gardens of Purification by Ibn Taymiyyah Page 34