Patience Upon Afflictions

“And those who are patient with poverty and hardship and the moment when battle is fierce.” (al-Baqarah 2:177) Al-Darra is ‘sickness’, and this ayah refers to being patient with what a person is afflicted with of need, sickness and fear, and patience with what one is afflicted with by choice, like Jihad. In fact, being patient with Jihad is better than patience with sickness that a person is afflicted by without a choice in it. Due to this, when one is afflicted by hardship in Jihad and is patient upon it, it would be better than patience upon it in his own town since this level of patience is from the epitome of Jihad. And as such, if one is afflicted with poverty or sickness in Jihad, patience upon it is more superior as a result, as this has been explained in different places.

Gardens of Purification by Ibn Taymiyyah Page 48