Dua: To Pray With Concise Du’as

Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her narrated that the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, “…used to love concise du’as and he would leave all (du’as) besides those.” (Recorded in Ahmad)

A concise du’a is one which is brief, but contains many meanings. A concise du’a also asks for general benefits and seeks refuge from general evils. The Prophet, peace be upon him, used to pray frequently with concise du’as, and he was the one who was given the most eloquent and concise of words. It was as if he, peace be upon him, was asking for all the good possible of both worlds, and seeking refuge of all evils, in the briefest and most eloquent of phrases, so that the people who heard him could memorise the du’as easily and understand what he, peace be upon him, said.

Some beautiful examples include:

“O Allah! I seek refuge in you from the evil of what I have done, and the evil of what I have not done!” (Recorded in Muslim)

“O Allah! Forgive my sins and my ignorance, and my transgressions in my affairs, and all that You know of me. O Allah! Forgive me my sins done seriously and jokingly, purposely or unintentionally, and all else that is with me! O Allah, forgive me what I have done, and what I have yet to do, and what I have done in secret, and what I have done openly, and all that You know of me. You are the First, and you are the Last, and You are capable of all things!” (Recorded in al-Bukhari)

“O Allah!, Our Lord! Grant us the good in this world, and the good in the Hereafter, and save us from the punishment of Hell!” (Recorded in al-Bukhari)

Remember to take benefit from your time, and make du’a to Allah as often as you can. How many are the words that spring forth from our mouths that bring us no benefit at all? These du’as are simple and concise and full of blessings and mercy. It is possible that if we utter these du’as with sincerity, the angles of Mercy may take it, and the doors of Heaven are opened for it, and the Lord of Mercy responds to it, so that on the day of Judgement our scales are heavy because of it.

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