Du’a: To Make Du’a Plentifully

We should make du’a to Allah for everything that we desire, as long as it is permissible. For verily Allah is the Al-Akram, the Most Generous, Al-Matin, the Powerful. All of His Names are an indication of His Perfection and Exaltedness, so when we ask Him, why not ask Him abundantly?

Like the beggar who goes to a wealthy man, do you not see him ask for more than from the one who is also poor? He will also not be satisfied with a little amount from such a person, but will rather expect a lot.  In the same way, we should not be miserly when asking from Allah, who is al-Wahhab, the Bestower.

This is why the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him said:

“When one of you wishes for something, let him then increase (his wishes), for verily he is asking his Lord, the Most Exalted and High.” 

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