Du’a: The Wisdom Behing a Delayed Response

When the response to our du’a is delayed, for a long period of time, we find our imaantested. Shaytan uses this opportunity to try and whisper to us and plant doubt in our hearts. Because of this, one may begin to have evil thoughts about their Creator, or start doubting the Divine Decree.

Whoever falls into this should immediately seek Allah’s refuge from Shaytan, and turn to Allah sincerely, making yet another du’a: to be saved from the plots of Shaytan, and to be granted patience to withstand the trial. They should also ponder over their own limited knowledge and the infinite nature of Allah’s Knowledge and the Wisdom behind any Divine act.

At the same time, we should realise the great blessing that Allah has given mankind when He guaranteed a response to all du’as, as long as the du’a conforms with the neccessary etiquette, and there are no prohibiting factors found in the one making it. Every du’a al-ibadah, or du’a of worship, is responded to by giving the doer rewards in this life and the Hereafter, and every du’a al-mas’alah, or du’a of asking,  is responded to by giving what was asked, or something equivalent to it, or by averting some evil, or by giving a reward equivalent to the du’a on the Day of Judgement.

So even if our du’a is apparently not responded to, we should realise that the response might not be what we presume. There are many wisdoms behind the delayed response todu’a, whether we realise it or not. All of Allah’s decrees are wise, and although it is not possible that we fully and truly comprehend all the Divine Wisdom behind an act, it is possible that we can glean some of the benefits of a Decree. Some of the benefits will be outlined in following posts inshaAllah.

1 Response to Du’a: The Wisdom Behing a Delayed Response

  1. Thanks for ur assistance may Allah help u with ur work. ameeen.


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