Du’a: The Parent For or Against Their Child

The du’a of a father for his son, could be one of blessings and mercy if the father is content and happy with his son, or it could be against him if the father is unhappy or the son does not treat him properly. Like the one who is wronged, we find in hadith:

“Three are the du’as that are responded to…the du’a of the father against his son.” (Recorded in al-Bukhari)

In this we can find a strong encouragement to treat our parents with respect and kindness, and to avoid causing them distress in any way. This is also a warning to parents not to rush into making a du’a against their child when they feel dissatisfied, for a du’a made in a state of anger may be a cause for later regret.

The du’a of the mother is also included in this hadith, for the right of the mother is even greater than that of the father. The du’a of the parents for their daughters comes under this hadith as well, since the ruling applicable to men also apply to women unless there is evidence to the contrary, which there is not in this case.

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