Du’a: Man Does Not Have a Right Over His Creator

When making du’a we should realise our lowly status, and know that we do not have a right over our Creator that our du’a should be responded to. We should be wise enough to contemplate our own many shortcomings with regards to the rights that Allah has over us. This will make us appreciate that we do not have any rights over Allah.

Ibn al-Qayyim, may Allah have mercy on him, wrote:

So whoever looks into this right that his Lord has upon him, then he will know – a most certain knowledge – that he is not fulfilling the rights of his Lord in the way that he should, and that nothing can save him except Divine Aid and Forgiveness. So if he were to rely upon his own actions, he would be destroyed! So this is what those who have knowledge of Allah look upon, and this is what has caused them to give up hope of attaining any good for themselves, and made them put all their hope in the Mercy and Forgiveness of Allah.

But if you were to look at the status of the majority of people, you will find them the exact opposite of this! They examine the ‘rights’ they have upon Allah, and they ignore the rights that Allah has upon them! And because of this, they have cut themselves off from Allah, and their hearts have been sealed up from recognising Him, or loving Him, or being eager to meet Him. And this is the height of ignorance that man can have with regards to his Lord, and even with regards to himself. (Paraphrased from Ighathat al-Lahafan)

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