Du’a and Tawhid

Du’a also has a very strong relationship with aqeedah or creed and tawhid, the belief in the Oneness of Allah.

When we call out to Allah, we acknowledge Him as our Creator, Sustainer and Master and this is the essence of Tawhid al-Rububiyyah, the belief in Allah’s Oneness concerning His Lordship.

Our du’a also recognises that only Allah deserves to be worshipped, which is an affirmation of Tawhid al-Uluhiyyah, that Allah alone has the right to be worshipped.

Further, our du’a makes us to realise Allah’s Names and Attributes which is the essence of Tawhid al-Asma wa al-SifatHe is As-Sami, the All-Hearing, only He can hear the cry of our hearts. He is Al-’Alim, the All-Knowing, only He can understand our plight. He is Al-Matin, the Powerful, only He can change our circumstances.

Du’a therefore beautifully affirms tawhid in all of its three aspects.

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