Du’a: Allah’s Choice is Better Than Our Own

The fact that Allah’s choice for us is better than our own, is a great secret that very few people appreciate or implement in their lives. Allah is more merciful to us than a mother is to her child, and he will only decree for us what is nest for our needs in this world and the Herafter. So even when a trial or tribulation afflicts a Muslim, this is better for them than if nothing had happened.

O servant of Allah, next time your du’a is not answered, ask yourself: “Is it possible that Allah knows that this matter which I am asking for is not for my benefit? And is He not the Most Merciful of all that have mercy? So, in this prevention of my du’a being answered there may be a great good for me!”

Just like the parent must not fulfil all the desires of their child since some of them are harmful, so too Allah must we realise that not all our du’as are best for us. Once a person truly and fully realises this, that Allah cares for them more than they care for themselves, then they have gone a long way to perfecting their imaan.

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