The Virtue of the Mind

The excellence of a thing is known by its fruits, and from among the fruits of the mind is knowing the Creator, may He be exalted. The mind contemplates the proof of the existence of the Creator until it knows Him. It contemplates the proofs of the truthfulness of the Prophets until it recognizes their truthfulness. The mind then encourages obedience to Allah and His Messengers, SubhanAllah. The mind taught the body to relinquish the life of this world for promises of the Hereafter. Its existence causes the human beings have excellence over the animals. The mind qualifies man for the speech of Allah and His commandments. With it, man reaches the highest of ranks that can be reached for the good of this life and the good of the Hereafter, in knowledge, speech and action.

May Allah enable us to gain the most of this blessing that is our mind, to use it to see His signs and to put into practice His commandments, in order to strive the highest station in his Jennah. Ameen.

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