The Perspectives of the Mind and Desires

Know, dear reader, that our desires, call to attaining pleasure without any consideration as to the consequences. Even though we might know that to satisfy our desires might lead to negative consequences, Hawa turns us away from reflecting on this. This is what takes us lower than the state of the animals, because the animals do not have the capacity to reflect.

The similitude of Hawa is that of an ignorant boy or a gluttonous sick person. For this reason, when the mind perceives something that differs to Hawa’s entreaty, the wise and noble person should consult their mind and be patient on what their mind orders them to do.

Remember, that knowing the excellence of the mind is not the same as favouring it. We should use our minds to contemplate the consequences of following the call of our desires, and reflect on how we would feel if our actions became exposed to the people. We should consider our state after the satisfaction of answering our desires has passed. If we are patient, and use our minds to strive to overcome our desires, we will feel stronger and our desires will become more subdued.

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