Averting Arrogance

Arrogance is glorifying one’s self and disdaining others. The reason why arrogance occurs is due to one feeling superior to others thinking that they are less in lineage, wealth, knoweldge and worship etc. The signs of arrogance are disdaining those who one feels superior over, and things such as swaggering, pride and one’s love of being loved by others.

The cure for this disease lies in two approaches, one general and one detailed. The general approach is further divided into two categories: theoretical and practical. The theoretical cure is through textual and logical evidence of the demerits of arrogance. The practical cure is achieved by accompanying humble people and hearing their stories.

On the other hand the detailed approach is achieved by reflecting on the flaws of the self. If it is your wealth that you are proud of, know that it could soon be taken away from you. Excellence lies in being sufficient from a thing, not in needing it. If it is knowledge that you are proud of, then know that there are many people more knowledgeable than you who have preceeded you on the path, and that if you are proud then your knowledge will be an evidence against you on the Day of Judgement. True knowledge should ultimately lead to humility. If it is a deed or action that is making you proud, then know that thinking an action perfect is a demerit not a merit. If it is your looks or physical prowess that you are proud of, know that Allah could take them away in an instant.

Ibn Masud, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said:

“Whoever has an atom’s weight of arrogance in his heart will not enter Paradise.”

A man said, “A man likes that his garment is nice and that his shoes are nice.” He, peace be upon him, said:

“Indeed Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty. Arrogance is rejecting the truth and disdaining people.” (Recorded in Muslim)

Iyas ibn Salamah, may Allah be pleased with him, reported from his father that the Messeneger of Allah, peace be upon him, said:

“A man shall glorify himself until he is written among the tyrants, so that he suffers from what befell them.” (Recorded in at-Tirmidhi)

Abu Huraiara and Abu Sa’id, may Allah be pleased with them, narrated that the Messeneger of Allah peace be upon him, said:

“Allah, glorified and exalted is He, says: ‘Pride is my cloak, and glory is my lower garment, so whoever contends with Me regarding either one of them, I will torment him.” (Recorded in Muslim)

May Allah protect us from the sin of arrogance and the wrath of Allah, Ameen

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