Al-Wudud (The Loving)

“And ask forgiveness from your Lord and turn to Him in repentance. Verily my Lord is the Most Merciful, Wudud (Loving).” (Surah Hud [11]:90)

“And He is Ever Forgiving, al-Wudud (the Loving).” (Surah al-Buruj [85]:14)

All praises be to Allah who is known by the Beautiful Name al-Wudud, the Loving. He is the One who loves His Prophets and Messengers and those who follow them, and they in turn love Him. He is more beloved to the true believers than anything else. Their hearts are filled with love for Him, their tongues are moist with remembrance of Him, and they worship Him with true sincerity. The true believers are aware of their many shortcomings, and never fail to turn to Allah in repentance, asking His forgiveness. In turn, He promises to forgive them. So let’s call on Him by His Beautiful Name al-Wudud, the Loving, and ask Him to shower His mercy on us and forgive us.

1 Response to Al-Wudud (The Loving)

  1. bintu says:

    I love this blog.. may Allah reward u with jannah


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