Al-Warith (The Inheritor)

“And how many a town (population) have We destroyed, which was thankless for its means of livelihood! And those are there dwellings, which have not been inhabited after them, except a little. And verily, We have been the inheritors.” ( Surah al-Qasas [28]:58)

All praises be to Allah, who is known by the Beautiful Name Al-Warith, the Inheritor. SubhanAllah, He is the Inheritor of all things. It is amazing to think, that throughout their lives, many people are obsessed with the accumulation of wealth. This goal takes over their lives and leaves them with little time to contemplate the meaning of their existence. Indeed, until their last breath, they strive for a vain purpose. And yet, one day, at a totally unexpected moment, they will face the angel of death. Their bodies will be wrapped, and they will be buried in the ground, leaving everything else behind.

Indeed it is Allah, Al-Warith, who is the sole Inheritor of Earth. All of the wealth, status, and respect that we enjoy in this world are but temporary. Allah grants all of these blessings to whomever He wills, for a time, in order to test them, and then He takes them back. And He is the final Inheritor of all things.

“It is We who give life and cause to die and We are the Warith” (Surah al-Hijr [15]:23)

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