Al-Muqtadir (the All Able, All Powerful)

“Strike a metaphor for them of the life of the world, it is like water which We send down from the sky and the plants of the earth combine with it but then become dry chaff scattered by the winds. Allah is Muqtadir over everything.” (Surah al-Khaf [18]: 45)

All praises be to Allah who is known by the Beautiful Name al-Muqtadir, the All Able and All Powerful. It is only Allah Who has real power and ability. It is He Who grants people possessions, authority, and armies. It is He Who makes the sun rise every day and covers the day with night. It is He Who holds the planets in their orbits and controls all of the countless orders in the universe. If people lose their authority and possessions, they lose their strength. When they lose their health, they become weak and feeble. They think they have power but in fact they do not. Through such events, Allah shows His servants Who has the real power. He tells us in the Qur’an:

“(They) belied all Our Signs, so We seized them with a Seizure of the Almighty, Muqtadir (All-Powerful).” ( Surah al-Qamar, 54:42)

“Or (if) We show you that wherewith We threaten them: then verily, We have perfected command over them.” ( Surah az-Zukhruf [43]:42)

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