Al-Ghaffar (The All-Forgiving)

“And indeed I am All-Forgiving to him who repents, believes, does righteous deeds and then remains constant in doing them.” (Surah Ta Ha:82)

All praises and glory be to Allah who is al-Ghaffar, the All-Forgiving. He is the One who is described as showing forgiveness and clemency towards his servants. Verily, we are in dire need of His Forgiveness, just as we are in need of His mercy and kindness. Without the mercy of Allah, we would have no hope of salvation. Allah has promised forgiveness to those who fulfill the conditions a number of conditions namely belief in Allah and His messenger, repentance for bad deeds and continually carrying our good deeds. If we can make ourselves amongst those who meet these conditions, we can have hope in the mercy and forgiveness of Allah.

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