Not Resembling Animals

All praises be to Allah Who has honoured the son of Adam and created him in the best way. It is therefore shameful for the son of Adam to resemble or imitate animals. We have been forbidden to resemble or imitate a number of postures or movements of animals when we pray, because that is contrary to khushu or because it is ugly and does not befit the worshipper who is praying.

It was reported that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, forbade three things in prayer: pecking like a crow; spreading one’s forearms like a carnivore; always praying in the same place like a camel keeping to its own territory. (Reported by Ahmad, 3/428).

It was said that when a man always prays in the same place in the mosque, making it his own, it is like a camel keeping to its own territory. (Al-Fath al-Rabaani, 4/91).

According to another report: “He forbade me to peck like a cockerel, to sit like a dog or to turn like a fox.” (Reported by Imaam Ahmad, 2/311).


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